Thinking of straightening your teeth but you still want to enjoy eating without limitations, look great and feel awesome at the same time? Invisalign is your go-to choice for a quick and less invasive procedure to achieve your perfect smile!

Not only is Invisalign able to straighten your teeth, with Face Dental Concept we can change how you look too! Check your future smile by clicking the button below and secure your appointment with us today!

Face Dental Concept with Invisalign

We are here to listen and understand your problems and help you achieve your dream smile. We combine Face Dental Concept and Invisalign to straighten your teeth as well as predict your future face shape, appearance and profile with customised digital simulation. 


What do you really want?

Fast & Effective

We are the top 3 Invisalign Providers in Malaysia with much experience to achieve great results from simple to complicated cases, with minimal time and effort.

Board Certified Dentist

Excellent results require close monitoring from experienced clinicians. Never risk your teeth with fake dentists which will cause irreversible damage just for a temporary effect.

Comfortable & Convenient

You can now enjoy all your favourite food and at the same time stay active in all sports and activities you love. All you have to do is brush and floss your teeth just as you normally do.

Look good & Feel Confident

People might not even notice that you are secretly transforming your smile.

POV from a professional dentist

My name is Dr Beh Wee Ren

I want to achieve what my patients really want and desire, giving them the best options available and future prediction on the outcome.

Many patients come to me to achieve their dream smile by straightening their teeth but most of them do not know what’s the real problem with their teeth and how it affects their whole face. They also couldn’t imagine how they would look after going through teeth straightening.

Face dental concept using Invisalign is about your jawline, your facial profile and your health. It is a comprehensive functional and aesthetic transformation that goes above and beyond straightening teeth. This concept is about improving our bite, jawline, facial profile, training our tongue & mastication muscles, reversing the effects of aging, correcting underbites, and overbite.

You deserve the best choice with a doctor who truly understands you with the most advanced clear aligner technology to get your dream smile.

Dr. Beh Wee Ren
Founder and Director of KL Dental Group and Face Dental Concept



Amanda’s story

Meet Amanda - Over time, she just stopped smiling, her confidence took a hit and her quality of life was badly affected.

“I had crowded teeth and overtime, it changed my face’s structure and the way I look. I was so self-conscious about it and avoided going out as much as possible. My life was so miserable.” 

“One thing I like about Dr Beh is that he is not pushy. He layed out my options and explained the  differences between braces and Invisalign. He is truly a dentist who wants what’s best for his patients. I went with Invisalign and was so happy with my result. I can now smile freely!”


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